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Bearbrook's Show Time

A.K.C. Reg. # WR008274/01
D.O.B.: Dec. 29, 2000
Color: Black/White & Black Recessive
OFA #'s: NF7805G (Good Hips)
CA2742 (Heart Cardiologist Clear)
Cystinuria Normal
Misty by Atsuo
Misy September 2002
"Misty" is a true delight! She is out of a litter of ten and her parents are Ellie and Bogie. From that litter we also kept her Landseer sister, Mandy.
Misty September 2002

Misty's claim to fame is her great ability at catching tennis balls and she could keep you busy all day throwing them to her! Her second love is our cats, who get thoroughly washed (and slimed) by her daily. She is such a "happy go lucky" girl and we love her dearly.

Although now retired, Misty has done an outstanding job in the whelping box, and has produced some wonderful babies for us.

Misty is pictured above with one of her babies out of our boy Splash.

You may see Misty's pedigree here.

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